The best varieties of lettuce tomatoes


More than 2.5 thousand varieties and hybrids of tomatoes are registered in the Russian State Register. There are standard round-shaped tomatoes with a sweet-sour taste, and completely exotic options, the taste of which resembles fruit, and looks more like an amazing tropical berry.

Among all this variety stand tomatoes salad type. These fruits are intended specifically for fresh consumption.

What is the difference between lettuce and tomato varieties from the rest, how to grow them correctly and which varieties to choose for your vegetable garden - this is the article.

Tomato classification

Tomatoes can be divided into groups indefinitely: according to the type of pollination, according to the height of the bushes, according to the method of planting, according to the ripening period, and so on and so forth. Most people are just interested in the taste of vegetables grown on their sites.

On this basis, tomatoes can be divided into:

  • salad - those that are tasty fresh;
  • pickling, having a well-permeable rind, through which marinade passes, and dense flesh;
  • Tomatoes intended for canning are often small in size, because they have to crawl through the cans;
  • cocktail tomatoes are small neat fruits that decorate ready meals, snacks or desserts;
  • Cherry - small-sized dessert tomatoes, often having a fruit-like berry flavor that is not typical for a tomato;
  • It is good to cook sauces from sauce tomatoes, because there are very few seeds in them;
  • Stuffing fruit is convenient to stuff and bake or stew in this form.

Attention! There are even medicinal tomatoes that promote the elimination of cholesterol, toxins from the body, strengthen blood vessels, improve immunity, improve vision.

What is the peculiarity of salad tomatoes

Salad varieties are easily distinguished by the indescribable aroma of the fruit - it is the smell of fresh grass, greenery, summer. These tomatoes must be eaten necessarily fresh, just plucked from the bush. In this form, the fruits contain the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Do not pluck lettuce tomatoes immature - this method is not for them. Fruits must necessarily fully ripen on the branches in order to absorb the maximum of trace elements, to be fed with the aroma and taste.

Tomatoes of salad varieties contain the highest amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Attention! It is believed that the name of the tomato subspecies "salad" comes from the fact that from different varieties of such tomatoes, you can make a full dish - salad.

And none of those who tried such a mix would guess that the salad contains no other ingredients besides various tomatoes.

Salad varieties of tomatoes, in turn, are also divided into several subspecies:

  1. Sweet - different harmonious content of sugar and acid. On a break of such a tomato, even small grains similar to sugar are visible.
  2. Meaty tomatoes are very nutritious, they are even used as a separate dish. They are especially popular with vegetarians and dieters. During cooking, the salad from meaty tomatoes can be refilled with butter or mayonnaise, their taste is already quite saturated.
  3. Pink tomatoes are classics of salad varieties. Tasters say that even the smell can determine the color of the fruit. It is pink tomatoes that smell more in summer and in the sun. There are a lot of such fruits among lettuce tomatoes, they are considered to be the most tasty, they contain the maximum amount of vitamins and useful microelements.
Tip! Salad tomatoes are made from lettuce tomatoes. They are great for creating sauces, pastes, fresh and canned juices.


The bushes of this variety are quite high, so they need to be strengthened with supports and to remove the side processes. In the pulp of tomatoes quite a few seeds, they are juicy and fleshy. The mass of each fruit is about 0.4 kg. Spherical tomatoes have a slightly oblate shape, painted in scarlet color.

The rind of the fruit is very thin, the tomatoes do not crack. The taste of tomatoes is excellent, but to keep them for a long time will not work - too tender and juicy. It is better to use the crop immediately after harvesting for the preparation of salads or juice.

"Raspberry Giant"

The variety is one of the earliest - the growing season of tomatoes is very short. Tomatoes are large, weighing from 0.6 to 1 kilogram. The color of the fruit is unusual - bright crimson.

The height of the bushes is average - about 0.7 meters. Bushes necessarily need to strengthen the supports, pinch the side processes. The fruits taste great in salads, these tomatoes make excellent vitamin juices.


Also quite large tomatoes, weigh about 0.5 kg. The color of these tomatoes is bright scarlet. Their rind is thin, the flesh is seedless. From other varieties, these tomatoes differ in an unusual sweet-sour taste.

Plants are considered indeterminate, they are tall and spreading. That is why the bushes need to be strengthened, tied up, as well as in the removal of lateral processes.

Those tomatoes that ripen first, can weigh about a kilogram. The following fruits will be smaller - weighing 600 grams.

Each tall bush gives a good harvest - about eight kilograms of tomatoes. Fruits, like most lettuce tomatoes, are poorly stored, but they have excellent taste.

"Bull's heart"

Another tomato variety for salads, known to most summer residents and gardeners. These tomatoes are grown everywhere, their bushes reach 180 cm, have powerful stems and large fruits.

The mass of each such tomato is 0.5 kg. The color of the fruit is saturated, with a raspberry shade. The shape of the tomatoes corresponds to the name - they are similar to the heart.

The yield of tomatoes is so high that the bushes can not withstand such a number of fruits, so it is very important to regularly monitor the condition of the branches and tie them up, if necessary.

"Sugar Bison"

The variety is similar to the previous one: the same tall bushes, good harvest, large tomatoes in the shape of a heart. The mass of fruits is about 0.4 kg, they are painted in scarlet color, have a thin skin and do not crack.

With proper care from each bush varieties "Sugar Bison" can be removed more than seven kilograms of tomatoes.

"Black Prince"

The black fruits of this variety are different from red-fruited tomatoes lack of sourness - tomatoes are absolutely sweet, sugary, very fragrant.

Tomatoes are painted in a brown-scarlet color, sometimes there are almost black tomatoes. This fruit weighs about 250 grams, in the cut of the tomato you can see the seed chambers of a greenish hue.

The variety is very productive, suitable for growing in most regions of the country. The color of juices or sauces made from these tomatoes will be very unusual, which allows you to experiment with dishes.

"Wild Rose"

Crimson tomatoes weigh about 0.4 kg. The bushes of these plants are very high, they can reach 250 cm. Stems must be strengthened with supports by pinching the side processes.

Attention! Salad tomatoes, as a rule, large-fruited. Therefore, the gardener should pay special attention to such plants: water the bushes more abundantly, tie them to supports or trellis carefully, often feed them.


This is a variety intended for the south of Russia, but in the northern regions, tomatoes can also be grown by planting them in greenhouses. Bushes determinant, grow to one meter, have a limited number of lateral processes.

Fruit ripening occurs on the 110th day after planting seeds in the soil. The surface of the tomato is slightly ribbed, the shape is flattened, the skin is thin, painted in orange.

Weigh tomatoes about 300 grams. With a square meter bed you can collect up to seven kilograms of tomatoes. The fruits are very tasty fresh, contain a large amount of B vitamins, as evidenced by the color of tomatoes.


Low shrubs belong to the mid-early varieties, tomatoes ripen on the 115th day. Fruits are smooth, round, painted in scarlet color, with an average weight of about 130 grams.

The culture is protected from most diseases peculiar to tomatoes. Fruits are suitable not only for the preparation of fresh salads, due to their small size and durable peel, tomatoes can be salted or canned.


The ideal tomato salad type, which shows itself equally well in greenhouses and open beds. Tomato growing season is medium - tomatoes are sown 100 days after planting.

Plants are low, determinant type. Mature fruits have subtle ribbing, slightly flattened shape, painted red. The average weight of tomatoes does not exceed 200 grams.

The taste of the fruit is balanced: the flesh has an excellent combination of sour and sweet taste. Tomatoes contain a large amount of healthy sugars, it is tasty in salads, juices and sauces.

Productivity at a grade worthy - to six kilograms from meter.


Tomatoes with a short growing season - fruits ripen within three months after sowing into the ground. Shrubs of medium height (a little more than 70 cm) belong to the semi-determinant type, that is, a large number of ovaries appear on plants, which makes it possible to classify the variety as high-yielding.

Tomatoes are medium in size, round and red, each weighing 150 grams, on average. You can get up to 15 kilograms of tomatoes from a meter of beds or greenhouses. The tastes of tomatoes are high, they make excellent salads, juices and mashed potatoes.

"Pink Raisin"

Tall bushes reach 170 cm. The fruits on them ripen early, have a perfectly smooth and regular shape - elongated cream. The hue of the tomatoes is pink, they are very tasty, have a strong aroma. Tomatoes are suitable for cooking fresh salads, and for preservation.

"Banana legs"

The shrubs of this plant are low - only 60 cm. These tomatoes are distinguished by an unusual appearance - a bright yellow shade and an elongated shape with a small process at the end of the fruit. The taste of banana legs tomatoes is also interesting, it is sweet, absolutely sour.

Not everyone likes this tomato fresh, however, after pickling, tomatoes acquire a very piquant and unusual taste, they absorb marinade well. Also tasty tomatoes in salads and sauces.

"Ilyich F1"

The perfect variety for those who grow tomatoes for sale. All fruits have the same size and regular shape. Plants give consistently high yields, they can be both salted and consumed fresh.

"Pink Pearl"

Shrubs of a determinative type do not grow much in height, but this does not prevent the variety from being very productive. Tomatoes of this variety can be planted both in the vegetable garden beds and in an unheated greenhouse.

In addition to these qualities, there is one more important feature - the plant is not afraid of late blight; this “Pink Pearl” tomato is rarely affected by this fungal disease.


Very resistant plant that can acclimatize in almost any conditions. The bushes are very compact, rarely exceed 40 cm in height. The growing season in a variety is short, it belongs to superearly.

The yield of tomatoes is stable - in any vagaries of weather the gardener will get a good harvest of lettuce tomatoes. The average fruit weight is about 100 grams.

"Fairy Gift"

Culture with early maturity, determinant type, with low and compact bushes.

The fruits of this variety are very beautiful - their shape is reminiscent of the heart, and the color is orange. The yield of orange lettuce tomatoes is relatively high.


Tomatoes that can be planted on the garden and in the greenhouse. The fruits have an amazing soft pink color, rather large sizes - about 200 grams. Tomatoes are considered very tasty, great for making salads.

Tips for those who grow lettuce tomatoes for the first time

As a rule, the best varieties of tomatoes of the salad type are distinguished by large fruits, precisely because of this, certain rules arise for growing such tomatoes:

  1. More abundant watering bushes. Watering lettuce tomatoes need every day or every other day, so that they are large enough, juicy. To prevent cracking of fruits due to excessive moisture, it is necessary to choose varieties whose peel is not prone to cracking.
  2. Frequent feeding is also very important. After all, not only the fruit itself will be large enough to support its weight, and the bushes must be powerful enough and strong. Therefore, tomatoes are fed several times per season, using nitrogen and mineral fertilizers.
  3. Due to abundant foliage and frequent watering lettuce tomatoes can be threatened by late blight. To protect the bushes, it is necessary to use prophylactic antifungal agents, monitor the condition of the leaves and fruits, and if possible, mulch the soil around the bushes.
  4. Harvesting is necessary as the fruits ripen - these are not the tomatoes that can be “grown” on the windowsill.
  5. Careful tying a bush that needs to be supplemented as the stems grow. If the branches are not strengthened by supports, they can break off under the weight of the fruit.
Tip! Due to the fact that it is necessary to consume lettuce tomatoes fresh, tearing them from the beds, it is recommended to plant several varieties with different ripening periods at the same site.

Such tactics will help increase yields, and the gardener's family will be provided with fresh vegetables all season.

If the gardener also dreams of salted, canned tomatoes, you will have to take care of the purchase of tomato seeds intended for salting. Salad fruits are not very suitable for these purposes, their skin is too thin, it will easily crack under the influence of boiling marinade. Yes, and the pulp of these tomatoes is not very dense, so they can become even softer, lose their shape, as they say, “sour it.”

For each purpose it is necessary to choose certain varieties of tomatoes. Tomatoes of salad type are suitable only for fresh consumption or processing: preparation of juices, mashed potatoes, sauces.

To diversify the menu and surprise guests, you can plant tomatoes on your site with fruits of different colors - a mixture of bright vegetables will look quite impressive on plates, and guests will not immediately understand what the dish is made of.