Eggplant Black Prince


Eggplant is a vegetable that is unlike any other. Perhaps that is why earlier it was grown as an ornamental plant. Eggplant came to us from Eastern countries, but at first it was only on the tables of the nobles and was an exotic delicacy. Now eggplant is popular all over the world. Residents of the east assure that eating eggplant is a guarantee of longevity. Its rich color and specific taste favorably distinguishes the vegetable from the rest of the autumn-summer plants. It contains many vitamins and minerals and is a component of many diets. It is not only pleasant to eat, but also very easy to grow.

"Black Prince" - derived eggplant variety. During its creation, various factors affecting fertility and resistance to diseases were taken into account. He won the love of gardeners for his unpretentiousness, the rapid development of fruit and taste. In the photo you can see how the fruits of eggplant varieties Black Prince.

Its fruits ripen fairly quickly and have a very high yield. In addition, you will be surprised by the pleasant taste of eggplant variety Black Prince. Eggplant form is slightly ribbed, the length can reach up to 25 cm, and the weight is about a kilogram. The ripe fruit of the Black Prince is richly purple in color, and the stem is purple-black, which distinguishes the variety from other species. Inside there are few seeds, and the flesh is a pleasant light yellow color. Of course, like all eggplants, it has a slightly bitter taste, but skillful housewives know how to get rid of it quickly and easily, using ordinary salt. Black Prince eggplant fruits are suitable for preservation, are well stored and transported.

Growing up

You can buy seeds in special stores or collect yourself. Immerse the seeds in half a centimeter deep into the prepared container with earth and peat and cover with film. We keep the seedlings in a warm place until the first seeds germinate.

Attention! For growing eggplant Black Prince, better choose a place with poor lighting, where there is little light.

But when the first shoots of eggplant seem, we bring it to the daylight. At night, the seedlings need to cover with black film.

Remove the seedlings from the boxes should be very careful not to damage the root system and the stem. These eggplants will grow much slower than the others and may not give the desired yield. It is advisable to fertilize the soil before planting with humus or peat. Small depressions can be made around the plant itself, so when watering water will be better to reach the root.

Attention! Eggplants The Black Prince does not carry along other representatives of solanaceous cultures alongside him.

So the potatoes, tomatoes and peppers are better to plant separately.

Eggplant greenhouse must be very carefully ventilated, as these plants are picky about temperature changes. Heat, sunlight and regular watering are all you need for a good and rich harvest. After 3-4 months of such care, the fruits of eggplant are fully ripe. It is possible to determine the ripeness of the Black Prince by external signs. The fruit should be saturated color and with a shiny skin. As a rule, it takes about a month from the appearance of a flower to full maturity. Perederzhivat them on the stem is not worth it, because of this, the new fruits will grow more slowly, will become tasteless and bitter. If the tail of the eggplant has reached 2 cm, it can already be cut.

To prolong the shelf life of the fruit, immediately after you have collected them, it is better to pack them in plastic bags and leave them in a cold and dark room. But, the temperature must be at least +4 ° C.

Useful properties of the Black Prince variety

Fresh eggplant Black Prince contain almost 90% water, a small amount of fat and protein, and even less sugar. This combination is ideal for those who are afraid for their figure. They also contain vitamins important for immunity, such as vitamin A (antioxidant, promotes normal metabolism), C (it has an anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect), B1 (important for the nervous system), B2 (participates in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the body ). The energy value of eggplant is only 22 kcal / 100 gr. This miracle vegetable prevents heart disease and clears blood vessels from cholesterol, due to the huge amount of fiber. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on digestion and improves metabolic processes. Strengthens the body as a whole and helps fight infections, has a positive effect on the condition of bones.

It is worth noting that only ripe and heat-treated fruits have such useful properties. In the raw vegetable there is solanine, which is toxic and dangerous to your health (it can cause poisoning). But do not be afraid, cooked eggplants are not dangerous, but, on the contrary, very useful. It is not advisable to use only young children, pregnant women and those who have problems with the liver, kidneys and pancreas, as this is quite a heavy meal.

Eggplant is very well suited to dishes with fatty meat, they help the body to digest it and neutralize excess cholesterol.


Let's move from theory to practice and see how this variety has proven itself in practice. After all, manufacturers can say a lot about their products, but it is better to listen to those who have personally tried to grow the “Black Prince”.

Elena, 48 years old, Samara. I was pleasantly surprised by the new eggplant variety Black Prince. It is distinguished by a black-and-purple stem. Fruits of a pear-shaped form on 150-250 gr. To collect more eggplant, you often need to collect ripe. This must be done so that solanine does not accumulate in vegetables, which gives bitterness and is harmful to the body. Also, it is not recommended to fry eggplants, it is a completely useless dish. Personally, I collect seeds for seedlings myself. Experience has shown that purchased seeds often do not germinate well or do not germinate at all. Maria, 34 years old, Perm region Last year I was very pleased with eggplant Black Prince. The yield of the variety is high, it is unpretentious to the conditions, and you can talk about how tasty it is for a very long time. Planted in the greenhouse, I know from other eggplants that they grow poorly in the open field. I tried and now I will always grow this particular variety. Antonina, 40 years old, Astrakhan. I grew eggplants for the first time. I am very glad that I chose the Black Prince variety. There were no problems with growing. The fruits quickly rose, well settled down after disembarkation and gave a good harvest. She managed to roll up and freeze for the winter, and also distributed to relatives. All were satisfied.

As you can see, almost all the reviews about Black Prince eggplants are positive. Consumers are happy with their choice and enjoy a rich harvest of vegetables. This is one of the few times when everything is just fine in theory and in practice!

Let's sum up

If you have been thinking about which vegetables to plant in your greenhouse for a long time, then this article will help you with a choice. Eggplant Prince has worked well in practice. And thanks to the instructions for growing, you will be able in the shortest possible time to get a rich harvest, which will delight both you and your loved ones.