How to grow cucumber seedlings at home


The plants have the highest yield of cucumbers, if the growing of seedlings was carried out in greenhouse conditions. Do you live in the city, and appear on the plot only during the summer time? Then use the tips on planting seeds and sprouting seedlings at home. Planting cucumbers in this way is also convenient for residents of country houses who do not have greenhouses and specially equipped premises for growing seedlings.

Selection of cucumber seeds for home seedlings

Sowing seeds at home can be conducted from the end of February. If you are engaged in the cultivation of varietal cucumbers in the open field, then, most likely, harvest the seeds of varieties you like in advance. With proper storage, planting material of cucumbers can be stored for up to 8-10 years, but the best and reliable seeds are 2-3 years old. They are recommended to plant experienced gardeners and farmers.

With long-term storage of cucumber seeds, it is important to observe two rules: the air temperature in the room should be at least 200C, and the air itself must be dry. Before planting in the ground, the grains must be sorted, soaked in disinfecting solutions and hardened.

Statistics from surveys conducted among summer residents show that at home the best cucumber seedlings are obtained from seeds of self-pollinating hybrids. This does not mean that planting seeds collected from their own crops is unpromising, they just need to tinker with them a little more.

Watch the video on how to prepare cucumber seeds for sowing:

Seed preparation for sowing at home

Preventive measures are carried out only with those grains that you harvested yourself. Shop hybrids are usually sorted and prepared for planting by the manufacturer. To protect yourself and get strong shoots of cucumbers, be sure to read the instructions for planting seedlings, and after that get to work.

Before the cucumber seed is lowered into the ground, it will have to go through several stages of processing and preparation for sowing:

  1. Calibration. All planting material is placed in 3% saline solution. The sprouted cucumber seeds are thrown away, the rest on the bottom is taken out and dried.
  2. Disinfection. Carried out by soaking the planting material in a weak 1% solution of potassium permanganate. Grains are disinfected for 25-30 minutes, and washed with warm running water and dried.
  3. Swelling and germination. Cucumber seeds are laid out evenly on a slightly damp cotton rag. In the process of germination it is necessary to ensure that the rag does not dry out. In a moist environment, you can add solutions containing components that stimulate the growth of plants. Seeds are kept until they begin to peck up and the stalk reaches a length of 1.5-2 cm;
  4. Hardening When the seeds sprout from the grains, the napkin is folded and sent to the refrigerator for 45-50 hours. The procedure is necessary for hardening the seed and preparing the seedling for transplantation into the soil.

After all the preventive procedures before sowing seeds in the ground, you can be sure that the seedlings of cucumbers grown at home will be strong and sustainable. It is necessary to plant only the planting material, which was completely pre-processed.

Sowing seeds

In order to grow cucumber seedlings at home, you need to make every effort to ensure that it is strong and resistant to various diseases. You can achieve the desired, if before planting to hold a number of activities related to the selection and preparation of containers and substrate.

Soil preparation

The substrate for the cultivation of planting material of cucumbers is prepared from the following components:

  • Sodland - 1 part;
  • Humus - 1 part;
  • Peat - 1 part;
  • Sand - 1 part;
  • 10 kg of a mixture of the above components is 30 grams of nitrophosphate and 30 grams of urea, as well as a glass of wood ash.

Before planting the seed in the ground all the components must be thoroughly mixed and kept at room temperature for 2-3 hours.


Growing seedlings of cucumbers at home begins with the bubbling of seeds. This mandatory process is associated with the stimulation of seed growth, which is from 2 years old and above. For this, planting material is folded in a small cotton bag or gauze and kept at high temperatures for 2-3 weeks. At home, you can use a thermostat or a normal aquarium water heater for bubbling.

In the video you can see simple methods of bubbling and heat treatment of cucumber seeds at home:

The choice of capacity for seedlings

Despite the fact that the main thing in the process of growing seedlings of cucumbers from seeds is the preparation of the material and the substrate, the choice of capacity for seedlings should also be approached responsibly.

Attention! Cucumber refers to those crops whose roots are very sensitive during transplantation. Peat pots or paper cups are recommended as planting containers.

The correct choice of seed germination capacity will minimize the likelihood of root breaking during transplantation and will save the plant from diseases associated with changes in climatic conditions when the root and stem are connected to open ground.

The planting container is filled with prepared soil for 2/3. As the cucumber seedlings develop, the volume of land in the tank can be increased.

Rules for sowing cucumber seeds

Before landing it is necessary to revise the planting material again. Only dry and well-grained grains sink into the ground. No more than 2 seeds are planted in one container, then the soil in the tank is moistened, and the pot itself is covered with plastic wrap. Such a shelter will allow to keep a moist microclimate, keeping the evaporation necessary for the seedling from the warm and moist soil.

Find the warmest (but not the dry) place in the house and determine landing containers there. It should be remembered that before the appearance of cucumber sprouts the temperature in the room should not fall below 23-250WITH.

At home, cucumber seedlings appear above the ground surface on the fourth day. After the seedlings have appeared, the film can be removed from the container, and the plant can be moved to a cool room with a temperature of 15-16 for a few days.0C. After that, return the cucumber seedlings to a dry room, providing a temperature regime of 19-200WITH.

Attention! In the process of growing cucumber seedlings, you will need to determine the optimal place for it, so that the seedlings receive enough light and oxygen.

Watch the cucumbers carefully, regularly checking the condition of the sprouts. If the seedlings are pulled out too quickly, the cucumber does not have enough sunlight or the room temperature is exceeded. If the leaves are yellowed - not enough moisture and oxygen. Cucumber seedlings began to wither - pay attention to the temperature regime.

Top dressing, watering and hardening seedlings

Cucumber seedlings are grown at home for about a month. Fertilizing of seedlings during this time is carried out only twice:

  1. 2 weeks after germination. For top dressing it is necessary to prepare a solution at the rate of: 3 liters of purified and distilled water and 15-20 grams of urea. At least 100 ml of this liquid is poured into each container.
  2. One week after the first feeding. Composition of fertilizer: 3 liters of water - 15 grams of nitrophoska and 30 grams of wood ash. Everything is thoroughly mixed, infused for 3-4 hours, then filtered. Consumption means the same as in the first case.

Do not forget that the seedlings for cucumbers grown at home for no more than a month. Correctly determine the timing of planting seeds, calculating the exact time before transferring them to open ground. Overgrown plants can be ill for a long time and adapt to new climatic conditions. If a cucumber seedling is not formed to the end - it will quickly die, not only in open territory, but also in the greenhouse.

Reproduction of seedlings

Today, the method of luminescence is very popular in stimulating the growth of cucumber seedlings. It is used in the event that it is impossible to find a place in the house or apartment for a sufficiently long natural illumination of seedlings. So, it often happens in cases when the apartment has small dimensions, and there are too many containers with seedlings.

Non-bright fluorescent or ordinary energy-saving lamps are suitable for carrying out the lighting procedure. The main criteria for properly executed activities - the distance to the surface of the seedlings should be at least 20 cm, and the duration of the light flux - at least 12 hours a day.

Most often, the additional lighting method is used when the weather outside is cloudy, and the length of daylight hours does not yet allow cucumber seedlings to be sufficient for light to grow.

Remember that the newly sprouted cucumber sapling is in great need of good illumination. The first sign of a lack of light are wilted and sluggish plant stems, slow growth, the appearance of yellowness on the leaves.

How to water cucumber seedlings at home

Despite the fact that cucumber is a vegetable crop that requires regular and abundant watering, seedlings grown in an apartment should be watered only as needed. Cucumber seedlings grow properly and well, if the root is only slightly moist. Fluid volumes should be moderate, not to mention that water should not stagnate in a pot. Watering cucumbers is carried out only with warm and distilled water.

If you use the method of addition to growing cucumber - seedlings need to be watered twice a day (morning and evening) in small portions. If your seedlings are in good natural light conditions - 1 time in the morning.

Growing seedlings at home will be enjoyable and will give a good result only if all recommendations for the preparation of seeds are used and the conditions of their maintenance in the soil are met. Home-grown cucumber seedlings can be transferred to greenhouses and greenhouses as early as the beginning of May, with the only requirement for the room itself - it must maintain an optimum growth temperature.

After watching the video, you will learn the basic rules for growing cucumber seedlings at home: