Homemade wine from viburnum


Kalina is an amazing berry that only gets tastier after frost. Bright brushes adorn the bushes and in the winter, if, of course, they are not eaten by birds. And they are big hunters before them. And not without reason: this berry is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals, it has healing properties. You can save all this by preparing various preparations from it, for example, homemade wine from viburnum. Its unusual, slightly tart taste, pronounced aroma, rich dark color will not leave indifferent even true connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages.

There are many ways to make homemade wine from viburnum. Everyone can choose the recipe that suits him best.

Berry preparation

Berries are best collected when they are already stuck in frost. Excessive astringency, which is inherent in Kalina, will go away, and the sweetness necessary for fermentation will increase. Berries will be softer and better give healing juice. We use them on the day of collection, freeing from twigs and removing all damaged and damaged. To make wine from viburnum at home you do not need to wash them, otherwise wild yeast that is present on the surface will be washed off.

Dry wine of viburnum

To enhance fermentation, add raisins to raw berries.

We will need:

  • viburnum berries - 2 kg;
  • sugar - 600 g;
  • raisins - 2 handfuls;
  • boiled water - 3.4 liters.

Prepare the berries, grind with a blender or meat grinder, put in a large bottle with a wide neck, add 0.2 kg of sugar, whole raisins and 30 ml of water.

Attention! Raisins do not wash, wild yeast, which is available on its surface, helps fermentation.

They form a characteristic gray bloom on dried grapes. For wine, only such raisins are suitable.

Cover the bottle's throat with gauze and leave in a warm dark place for fermentation.

Do not close the bottle tightly, fermentation requires access of oxygen.

The appearance of foam, which happens in about three days, is a signal of the onset of fermentation. Infusion filter in another dish.

Tip! It is convenient to use a nylon stocking for this purpose.

Add the remaining water and 0.2 kg of sugar. Mixed wort leave to ferment under the hydraulic valve. If it is not there - a rubber glove with two holes punctured with a needle will do. After 3 days, you need to pour a couple glasses of wort into another dish, dissolve the remaining sugar in it, pour the solution to the total mass.

For fermentation, the wine will take about 30 days. It must pass without the access of light and warm. Gas formation by this time should almost end. Carefully pour the wine into clean glass bottles using a straw.

Tip! Convenient to do this tube from the dropper.

Wine matures wine for about a month. The room should be cool.

Desert Kalin Wine

It is more saturated and high in sugar.

Would need:

  • viburnum berries - 2 kg;
  • water - 3/4 l;
  • sugar - about 400 g

We grind the prepared berries, add 0.1 kg of sugar, cover the jar with gauze and leave it warm until it starts to ferment. After three days, squeeze the berries well and dilute the resulting juice with water. To the wine must add 0.1 kg of sugar for each liter. Close the dishes hydrolock.

Attention! Capacity can not be poured wort completely. Foam caps require at least 30% of the volume.

After fermentation, add sugar in the same proportion: 0.1 kg per liter. If it is not over, add it again in a few days. To add sugar, you need to pour a little wine mash into a clean separate container, stir until dissolved and pour it back.

In the dishes under the water seal, we keep the wine for two weeks after the end of fermentation. Pour into bottles without disturbing sediment. If this happens, let the wine settle and re-merge. Store in a cool place.

Kalina liqueur

This sweet wine is especially liked by women. Due to the addition of alcohol, the drink is quite strong.

For its preparation will require:

  • berries - 2 kg;
  • sugar -1.5 kg;
  • alcohol or vodka - 1 l;
  • water - 0.5 l.

Prepared berries pour boiling water for 30 minutes. Drain the water, and pour the berries into the jar, add a third of the norm of sugar, mix, cover the jar with a lid so that it sits tightly. Keep three days warm. We add vodka or alcohol, close it again and put it on a sunny windowsill.

Attention! The level of vodka or alcohol must be at least 2 cm above the berries. If not, increase the amount of alcohol.

Cooking sugar syrup from the water in the norm and the rest of the sugar. It must be dissolved, and the resulting syrup boil. Turn off after 5 minutes. Foam must be removed. Add the cooled syrup to the tincture, mix well. Keep another month in a dark and warm place.

Tip! Every 3 days shake tincture.

Pour the prepared strained liquor into beautiful bottles. You can keep it up to 3 years.

Kalina liqueur with lemon juice

Viburnum liqueur with lemon juice has not only a refreshing taste, but also pronounced notes of citrus. Prepare this wine from viburnum at home is easy, as the recipe is quite simple.

It will require:

  • viburnum berries - 700 g;
  • vodka - 1 l;
  • sugar syrup from 150 g of sugar and a glass of water;
  • 2-3 lemons.

Prepared my wash, crush and insist week in a dark cool place, vodka bay. Strain through a frequent sieve. Cook the syrup from water and sugar. Prepare the syrup, let it cool and mix with the juice squeezed from the lemon.

Tip! To juice from lemon squeezed out well, you need to hold it in boiling water for a couple of minutes and pour cold water over it.

Continue insisting a couple of weeks. Then finally filter the liqueur through a cotton gauze filter. Bottled liquor stored in the basement.


Making homemade wine is a way to get drinks that are simply impossible to buy at the store. In terms of taste, they often surpass them, and in terms of the diversity of ingredients and the use of unconventional berries and fruits, they are far ahead.