Gooseberry jam with orange: 16 simple recipes


Gooseberry is a tasty and healthy berry. Although not everyone likes fresh fruits, gooseberry jam with orange is simply doomed to success. This preparation exists in a variety of options, each of which is so tasty that it is sometimes difficult to determine the choice of a particular recipe.

Rules for the selection and preparation of berries and fruits

Before you directly start making gooseberry jam with orange, it is advisable to get acquainted with some of the features of the ingredients that are used. For jam, most often you need to take dense and elastic, even slightly unripe berries. It is they who ideally retain their shape and will look very attractive in syrup.

But this type of jam is often prepared without heat treatment, thereby preserving all the beneficial substances and the seductive aroma of the fruit. In this case, it is better to choose fully ripe and sweet berries. They may even be slightly soft - this does not matter much: after all, the berries will still be crushed during the preparation process. It is important that they are free from disease or other damage.

Gooseberry varieties can have different color shades:

  • whites;
  • yellow;
  • red;
  • light green;
  • almost black.

For some varieties of jam, it is necessary to use varieties of light green color, for others dark varieties are more suitable, which will give the blanks a beautiful noble shade.

Oranges fit almost any. It is only necessary to take into account that whole fruits and peel are processed for processing - only seeds and white partitions are subject to mandatory removal, since they can give bitterness to finished products. Therefore, it is desirable to choose oranges without damage to the peel.

Cookware for the manufacture of gooseberry jam with orange will suit practically any: enameled, iron, copper, even from food-grade plastic (for raw preserves). It is not allowed to use only aluminum containers, as this metal is able to react with the acids contained in the fruit.

Preparing berries for jam:

  • they are sorted out;
  • clear of twigs and sepals;
  • washed in water (or better soaked in it for half an hour);
  • dry on a towel.
Tip! If the option of making jam from a whole gooseberry is chosen, then to better preserve the shape, each berry should be pierced in several places with a toothpick or needle in advance.

Preparation of oranges:

  • scald with boiling water in general;
  • cut into 6-8 pieces;
  • carefully remove all bones and, if possible, the toughest white partitions.

If the decision is made to enrich the taste of the future jam with various spices, then it is more convenient to put them in a small bag of cloth, tie them up and use in this form when cooking dessert. After the process, the bag can be easily removed from the jam.

Gooseberry jam with orange for the winter: a classic recipe

Traditionally, jam is prepared from whole gooseberry berries, but in recent years recipes have become especially popular, using the fruits chopped up in a meat grinder, as they are easier and faster to prepare.

It is necessary to take into account the differences in their preparation:

  • Whole berries jam, which uses sugar syrup, becomes thicker with an increase in heat treatment time.
  • It is better not to cook jam from pureed fruits and berries for a long time, because at a certain moment it may lose its jelly structure.

Whole gooseberry jam with orange

  • 1 kg of gooseberry berries;
  • 2 oranges;
  • 1.5 kg of sugar;
  • 150 ml of water.


  1. Prepare sugar syrup from water and the entire amount of sugar. Sugar should be added gradually, in small portions, as the water boils. Sugar should be completely dissolved in the syrup.
  2. Gooseberries and oranges are prepared for cooking using the methods described above. Oranges can be cut into arbitrary slices, but it is better that their size approximately corresponds to the size of the gooseberry berries.
  3. Berries are placed in boiling syrup and waiting for it to boil again. After that, the jam must be removed from the stove (if it is electric) or simply turn off the heat and leave to infuse for several hours.
  4. The jam is heated to boiling again, orange slices are put into it, and it is cooked for 5-10 minutes. Attention! Do not forget to carefully remove all the formed foam, because its presence can harm the safety of jam in the future.
  5. Turn off the heat again and let the dessert cool completely.
  6. The third time, the jam is brought to a boil and cooked already from 10 to 30 minutes to the stage of full readiness. It is determined visually by the transparency of the syrup and berries of the gooseberry, and also by the fact that the foam focuses mainly on the center of the container with jam, and not at the edges. You can determine the readiness of jam by drop placed on a cold plate. If after cooling it retains its shape, then the jam can be considered ready.
  7. In the hot state, the jam is distributed in banks and rolled for storage for the winter.

Gooseberry jam with meat grinder

Such recipes have become especially popular in recent decades: the jam on them is prepared fairly quickly and turns out very tasty, although the appearance of the delicacy is more like jam or jelly.

  • 2 kg gooseberry;
  • 5 fairly large oranges;
  • 2.5 kg of sugar.


  1. After the standard preparation of fruits, they must be minced. Blender use is undesirable because it can not cope with the uniform grinding of dense skin.
  2. In the pan with a large bottom surface and not too high sides shift the wiped fruit, while adding sugar in small portions. After creating a homogeneous mixture of fruit and sugar, it is set aside for an hour or two.
  3. After settling the pot with the future jam is placed on a moderate heat, the mixture is brought to a boil and cook for about 20 minutes. During heating, it is necessary to monitor the jam and stir it periodically, and after boiling remove the foam.
  4. The jam is cooled, packaged in sterile jars and closed with plastic lids.

Store it preferably in a cool place.

Jam "Pyatiminutka" gooseberry and oranges

Instant jam is quite popular in our age of fast-flowing life and constantly busy people.

Attention! For the gooseberry to prepare for 5 minutes, it must first be soaked for 8-12 hours in cold water at room temperature. The most convenient way to do this is at night.
  • 1 kg of gooseberry berries;
  • 3-4 oranges;
  • 1.5 kg of sugar.


  1. Soaked in the evening berries in the morning to drain through a colander and dry on a towel.
  2. While the berries dry up, prepare the orange fruit for processing (scald, cut into pieces, remove the seeds and chop with a blender).
  3. At the same time cooked sugar syrup on the stove. In one glass of water you should gradually dissolve 1.5 kg of sugar.
  4. After boiling and complete dissolving of the sugar, the gooseberry and grated orange puree are carefully placed in the syrup.
  5. Stir gently, bring to a boil and boil for exactly 5 minutes.
Important! It is imperative that the hot jam is laid out on sterilized jars, covered with sterile caps and set to cool in an inverted form, wrapping a warm blanket on top.

Gooseberry with orange rubbed with sugar

To make this dessert, it is advisable to pick the most ripe and tasty gooseberry and orange fruits.

  • 1 kg of gooseberry berries;
  • 4 oranges;
  • 1.2-1.3 kg of sugar.


  1. After the usual preparation, all the fruits are ground using a meat grinder or a powerful blender.
  2. Add sugar in small portions in the puree, and immediately mix everything thoroughly.
  3. After obtaining a homogeneous mass, it is set aside to insist at room temperature for 8-10 hours.
  4. Lay out in sterile jars.

The billet made according to the recipe of raw gooseberry jam and oranges without cooking should be stored in the refrigerator.

Important! If there is a desire to store this jam in room conditions, then 2 kg of sugar should be added to the same amount of berries and fruits.

Delicious gooseberry jam with lemon and orange

Given the tremendous utility of these two most common types of citrus fruits (oranges contain sugars and essential oils, lemons are rich in carotene, phosphorus, calcium salts, vitamins B and PP, and together they have a high content of vitamin C), jam from these components is very often done without cooking . This allows you to enjoy all the rich composition of beneficial elements contained in the three types of fruit.

  • 1.5 kg gooseberry;
  • 1 lemon;
  • 2 oranges;
  • 2.5 kg of sugar.

The manufacturing procedure is fully consistent with the previous recipe, with the only difference that it is desirable to insist on the fruit mixture with sugar for up to 24 hours, stirring it sometimes with a wooden spoon.

If you want to cook traditional jam from these ingredients, then you can use the recipe of jam through a meat grinder, taking fruits, berries and sugar in the same proportions as for the raw dessert.

How to make gooseberry jam with bananas, oranges and spices

Fans of spicy flavors will definitely appreciate the jam made according to such an attractive recipe. After all, a banana will add an extra sweet touch to the taste, and cinnamon with cloves will remind you of the flavors of the east.


  1. 1 kg of prepared gooseberries and 2 oranges are passed through a meat grinder, and 2 peeled bananas are cut into pieces.
  2. Mix the crushed fruits with 1 kg of sugar and infuse for several hours.
  3. Add to the fruit mixture 2 incomplete tsp. ground cinnamon and 8 carnation buds. Clove better to add a cloth bag, so that later you can easily remove it from the jam.
  4. Combining all the ingredients, start cooking and after boiling, keep the jam on the fire for 17-20 minutes.
  5. Immediately hot packaged in prepared sterile containers and closed with lids.

Gooseberry jam with orange and kiwi: a recipe with photos

These fruits are perfectly combined and enhance the flavor of each other.

  • 1 kg gooseberry;
  • 4 oranges;
  • 4 Kiwis;
  • 2 kg of sugar.


  1. The gooseberry is free of tails, the oranges are free of seeds and partitions, and the kiwi is peeled.
  2. All fruits and berries are ground using a meat grinder or blender, covered with sugar and set aside for a couple of hours.
  3. A container of fruit puree is placed on a low heat, brought to a boil and set aside.
  4. The second time, it has been boiling for 5-10 minutes, and the third is cooked for 15 minutes. Attention! Raw jam can be easily prepared from the same ingredients without cooking.
  5. Jam is distributed among the banks already in the cooled form.

How to cook "Tsarskoe" gooseberry jam with orange

The classic Tsar's gooseberry jam is prepared according to a very laborious recipe, where you need to take out the middle piece from each berry and then replace it with a small piece of walnut: walnut, hazelnut, cedar or some other.

But no less tasty preserves, which quite pretend to be called royal, can also be prepared using a simple recipe.

  • 2 oranges;
  • 1 kg of gooseberry berries;
  • 200 grams of nuts;
  • 1.2 kg of sugar.


  1. The pulp of the orange is separated from the bones. Only orange peel is separated from the skin, rubbed on a grate. Important! The white component of the orange peel is thrown away.
  2. Gooseberry berries, orange peel and orange pulp are ground using a blender or meat grinder, covered with sugar and infused for several hours.
  3. Meanwhile, the nuts are crushed with a knife so that the pieces are left, and lightly fried in a pan without oil.
  4. The fruit mixture is placed on the fire, brought to a boil, the foam is removed from it, and only after that the roasted nuts are added.
  5. The mixture with nuts is boiled for another 10-12 minutes, then laid out in sterile jars and wrapped upside down for at least a day.

A simple recipe for "emerald" green gooseberry jam with orange

Emerald gooseberry jam is no less well-known than the royal one, moreover, it is believed that these are different names for the same jam. Emerald jam is called due to the fact that only unripe berries of light green color are used for its preparation. In addition, it is customary to add cherry leaves to preserve the emerald hue.

According to this recipe, the gooseberry is cleaned from the core, but many do not.


  1. About a dozen leaves of cherry are mixed with 1 kg of processed gooseberry, pour 2 cups of water and infuse for 5-6 hours.
  2. Gooseberry is thrown back into a colander, and from the remaining water with leaves, boil the syrup with the addition of 1.5 kg of sugar.
  3. At the same time prepare and chop 2 oranges.
  4. When the sugar in the syrup is completely dissolved, remove the leaves from it, add the gooseberry and chopped orange fruits.
  5. Bring the jam to a boil, heat for 5 minutes and allow it to cool for about 3-4 hours.
  6. Repeat this procedure three times, each time cooling the jam between boiling.
  7. The last time is added to the jam with about a dozen fresh leaves of cherry and currant and after boiling for 5 minutes, pour over the banks and close for the winter.

Red gooseberry and orange jam

Due to the dark color of the gooseberry jam gets a beautiful pink hue.

The recipe is very simple:

  1. Crush in any way 1 kg of red gooseberry and pitted flesh with two oranges.
  2. Mixed with 1.2 kg of sugar and a bag of vanillin.
  3. Peel from oranges are separated with a fine grater and lay aside for the time being.
  4. Cook the fruit mixture for about 10 minutes, then add the zest and boil for another 10 minutes.

Unusual jam from a currant and a gooseberry with an orange

Both black and red currants are famous for their healing properties - that is why the most delicious, useful and beautiful harvesting from this assorted berries and fruits is raw jam, which is not cooked.

It will take:

  • 0.75 g of gooseberry;
  • 0.75 g of currants of any color, you can use a mixture of varieties;
  • 2 oranges;
  • 1.8 kg of sugar.


  1. Berries and oranges are cleaned of all unnecessary parts, ground in a convenient way, mixed with sugar and infused in room conditions for about 12 hours.
  2. Then the jam is laid out in banks and stored in a cold place.

Thick gooseberry jam and oranges with gelatin

  1. 250 ml of water are poured into a large saucepan, 1000 g of sugar is added, brought to a boil and sugar is dissolved.
  2. Cooked oranges, cut into small pieces, in a standard way, and gooseberry berries are added to the boiling syrup and cooked for 10 minutes.
  3. The jam is allowed to cool completely.
  4. 100 g of gelatin are soaked in a small amount of water before swelling.
  5. Add it to the cooled jam along with a few pinches of vanilla.
  6. The mixture with gelatin over low heat is heated almost to the boil, but when the first bubbles appear, they are removed from the stove, quickly laid out in cans and closed with plastic or iron lids.

Ruby dessert, or cherry jam with gooseberries and orange

Such a beautiful and tasty jam is prepared simply and quickly.

  1. 500 g of gooseberry twist in a meat grinder, add 1 kg of sugar and bring to a boil.
  2. 500 g of cherries are freed from seeds, and 2 oranges are crushed and put in a pan with gooseberries after boiling.
  3. Cook about 10 minutes and leave for a day for infusion.
  4. The next day, the mixture is again brought to a boil, boiled for 10 minutes, cooled and laid out in suitable jars.

Cooking gooseberry jam with oranges in a slow cooker

With the help of the multicooker, jam is prepared quite quickly and simply. Ingredients Standard:

  • 1 kg gooseberry;
  • 2 oranges;
  • 1.3 kg of sugar.

Preparation of berries and fruits is also standard. Before cooking, they must be crushed together with sugar using a blender and it is desirable to insist a few hours to dissolve the sugar.

In the slow cooker, put the "baking" mode, put a mixture of fruits and berries in the bowl and turn on the device. The lid can not be closed. After boiling, remove the foam and cook only 5 minutes. Hot jam immediately rolled into jars.

Rules and terms of preserving orange gooseberry dessert

Most types of gooseberry jam with orange, cooked, can be stored without cooling, but preferably in a dark and cool place. In such conditions, they can survive for up to a year or more.

Raw jam without cooking is stored mainly in the refrigerator. In other cases, add double the amount of sugar, which acts as a preservative.


Gooseberry and orange jam is a dessert that will appeal to both adults and children thanks to its harmonious taste and delectable aroma. A variety of recipes for its production will allow everyone to find their favorite option.