Beet broth: the benefits and harm


Beetroot is one of the most useful and indispensable vegetables for the human body. It contains a huge amount of vitamins and microelements. But not everyone likes to take it in the form of salads or soups. There are other ways. Beet broth, prepared according to one of the most common recipes, perfectly helps to clean the liver, strengthen blood vessels and keep a person in good physical shape. This is a kind of natural energy drink.

What is useful beet broth

The root vegetable drink is one of the well-known healing drinks that is used not only in traditional medicine, but also in cosmetology. This drink can be very useful because it has the following properties:

  • cleans the liver and regulates fat metabolism in the body;
  • optimizes metabolism;
  • activates the work of the digestive system;
  • has a diuretic and laxative effect, relieves swelling;
  • cleans the entire body of toxins and discharges, unloads the liver;
  • has the effect of burning fat, removes harmful cholesterol;
  • increases hemoglobin level, as well as blood volume and quality;
  • normalizes protein digestibility;
  • puts the nervous system in order;
  • relieves insomnia;
  • lowers the pressure.

With regular use of the drink increases stamina and strengthens the immune system. This drink perfectly reduces pressure and is very useful for hypertensive patients, and also removes excess edema.

For vessels

The main use for blood vessels - the root crop relieves blood vessels from cholesterol plaques. This is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis. It also has a positive effect on veins and can prevent varicose veins, as it makes veins less dense. A course of prophylactic treatment can last several weeks. If there are already plaques, then it is recommended to complete a monthly course of eating beetroot.

As a result, the vessels become stronger and the risk of acquiring problems with the cardiovascular system in old age is significantly reduced.

For liver

A decoction of beets benefits from cleaning the liver at home, as it is able to normalize lipid metabolism in the body, remove toxins and slags. It relieves the liver and helps restore damaged cells.

How to cook beetroot

To prepare correctly healing infusion of root vegetables, it is best to pre-grow it on your site. Beets easily accumulate nitrates and other chemical fertilizers, which, when cooked, go into the water. As a result, the drink will be too harmful and will not bring benefit. If the beet is bought, then for reinsurance it is better to trim one third of the fruit from the side of the leaves, since this is where numerous nitrates accumulate.

Cooking rules:

  1. Beets need to be washed, you can use a brush.
  2. After that, the root crop is put in a saucepan and filled with a liter of water.
  3. You need to remember the water level and add another liter 2.
  4. Heat the liquid to a boil.
  5. It is necessary to boil the root vegetable after boiling over medium heat until the level of 1 liter returns.
  6. Remove the beet broth from the heat and set to cool.
  7. Beet pull out.
  8. The cooled root should be grated and added to the broth.
  9. Cook the entire contents of the pot for another 20 minutes.
  10. Remove from heat and strain.

Once cooled, the decoction can be used for its intended purpose.

How to use beet broth

There are several methods of proper use of the drink, depending on the desired result. And also may vary and cooking recipes. Most often, the drink is recommended to apply several times during the day. Sometimes every few hours. But in any case, the product should start drinking immediately after preparation. So the maximum quantity of necessary substances will remain.

Broth beets with pancreatitis

Beetroot, as well as the energetic from it, is excellent in the inflammation of the pancreas. But at the same time, the drink can be drunk only three days after the last exacerbation. In any case, with pancreatitis, it is necessary to initially consult with your doctor, who will assess the need for taking such a decoction and will be able to recommend the required amount.

Beet decoction from stones in the gallbladder

This drink in the presence of stones in the gallbladder is very useful because it crushes these stones and contributes to their removal from the body. For the preparation of red beet decoction you will need 4 large roots and 3 liters of water.

  1. After the beets are cooked, they are taken out, cooled and cut into slices.
  2. Slices put in a can of 3 liters.
  3. Pour three liters of purified broth.
  4. Put in a cold and dark place.
  5. After a day, mix the broth.
  6. Cover tightly and insist 6 days.

It is necessary to accept twice a day on 100 ml. Optimally, if the patient’s daily ration has boiled beet salads.

Beet broth for cleaning the liver

To cleanse the liver at home, it is necessary to prepare a standard broth with the addition of grated beets and subsequent filtration. This drink will help bring the liver in order and will remove all toxins. The person will no longer feel the heaviness and pain in the right hypochondrium.

Take the healing drink is necessary every three hours. As required to prepare fresh broth. Usually a course of purification is carried out within 1-2 weeks.

Broth beets from sore throats

Peeled root vegetable boil in two liters of water until tender. Insist 5 hours, strain. The decoction is recommended to take 50 ml 3 times a day. And also has a positive effect gargling with a drink up to four times a day. The course of treatment can reach 3 weeks.

A mixture is also used for rinsing, when a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is added to a glass of beet broth. For acute tonsillitis, rinse 2-3 times a day. Children can replace vinegar with citric acid.

Is it possible to drink beet broth for children

Beet broth is useful, as well as directly boiled root vegetable, it can be given to children. Only pediatricians advise to enter this drink in the menu of the child from the year. The first time you need to give literally a tablespoon. If an allergic reaction has not happened, there is no stool disorder and other problems, the dosage can be increased. Especially useful decoction for those children who have lowered hemoglobin.

The drink is perfectly combined with various cereals, and therefore doctors recommend cooking porridge on the basis of the drink: oatmeal, rice, buckwheat.

The use of beet broth in cosmetology

This solution is used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology. Based on a positive effect on the whole complex of vitamins and minerals that penetrate the skin and hair. Broth after cooking beets helps:

  • fight cracked skin on the heels;
  • remove freckles;
  • obedience to hair and dandruff;
  • deal with warts.

It is important to apply this fluid correctly.

Beet broth for hair

The use of complex hair products, which includes a beetroot drink, will help get rid of dandruff, heal hair and make it obedient.


  • small lemon;
  • 10 ml of high-quality vodka;
  • 20 g of coltsfoot flowers;
  • 5 g of honey;
  • 10 ml of beet broth;
  • 20 g of wormwood;
  • 2 liters of water.


  1. Wormwood with a coltsfoot pour water and boil.
  2. Strain.
  3. Add lemon juice and decoction of beets.
  4. Dilute honey with vodka.
  5. All add to the conditioner for oily hair type.

This tool will help get rid of dandruff, even the most greasy hair.

For face

For the face is perfect to use the drink inside. If you regularly drink beet broth, you can get rid of acne and significantly improve the complexion.

The recipe for a mask based on it is widespread:

  1. Mix the liquid drained from the boiled root vegetable with corn flour and raw potatoes.
  2. Proportions 1: 1.
  3. Apply the mask and leave for 15 minutes.
  4. Wash off with warm water.

Perfect for oily skin.

For legs

It is necessary to do daily foot baths with this drink and then the cracks on the heels will cease to be a problem. You can simply wash the damaged skin on the legs. It is important to do this regularly.

Harm of beet broth

Beet broth has not only good, but also harm. First of all, do not use the drink for people who have low blood pressure. In addition, there are contraindications for:

  • diabetic patients;
  • patients with high acidity;
  • people with osteoporosis;
  • hypotensive;
  • breastfeeding women.

With uncontrolled intake of the drink may heartburn, bowel disorder. And also do not use the drink to people who have found kidney stones. The recipe for beet broth can be any, but before use it is still necessary to consult with a doctor who can tell if you should drink the drink in a particular case.


Beet broth is an excellent healing drink with a whole cocktail of useful substances, vitamins and trace elements. If used correctly, it will help strengthen the immune system, clean the liver, have anti-infective and anti-microbial effects. This is an excellent tool to reduce pressure and increase hemoglobin. It is important to take and cook properly. But at the same time it is better if the root crop is grown without fertilizers and chemicals. Then he will benefit, not harm.