Review of new varieties of tomatoes for 2019


Novelties of tomatoes every season interest gardeners and gardeners. Indeed, among them there are collectors and true connoisseurs of interesting and unusual varieties of tomatoes. Before buying seeds, each gardener asks himself what criteria a new variety should meet.

Choosing a new variety

Tomatoes can be classified according to several criteria:

  • yield;
  • the appearance of the fruit;
  • ripening terms;
  • landing method;
  • taste qualities.

Having decided on the purposes for which it is supposed to grow tomatoes, you can start buying seeds.

New varieties of tomato - a kind of surprise for the gardener. About them there are no reviews, no one will tell how best to care for these plants than to feed and how often to water.

To find interesting tomatoes among the new products of 2019, you will have to plant several varieties at once. Only when the summer is over can one understand what sort of tomato turned out to be really worthy and deserves to be planted the following year.

Attention! Each year, breeders produce all new varieties and tomato hybrids. These cultures are distinguished by improved characteristics: greater endurance, yield, excellent taste, interesting features.

When buying tomato seeds, be sure to listen to the advice of the seller or read the information on the package.

Only this way you can count on a full return and a good harvest, because each new variety requires a certain care, adherence to an individual planting scheme, recommendations about the use of the crop.

Important! It is very important to understand that a tomato intended for planting in a greenhouse in the north of the country is not suitable for cultivation in the open ground of the south.

Of course, you can try your luck and appear as an experimenter. But it’s much more productive just to plant a variety of tomatoes that is necessary and suitable for the given conditions.

"Novosibirsk Red"

This early ripe variety is intended for cultivation in the open field of the northern regions of the country. Tomato grows in small bushes of medium height, their shape is very unusual - the bushes resemble a cube.

Fruits themselves are colored red, have medium size, rather high density. The weight of each tomato is about 90 grams.

The merits of the Novosibirsk Red variety are considered to be resistant to low temperatures, hardened against diseases, high yields and good fruit fixation.

Small taut tomatoes are great for pickling and canning.

"Kira F1"

This is a hybrid tomato, designed for growing indoors. The plant is indeterminate, the height of the bushes can reach 200 cm. Therefore, tomatoes need to be tied up on a trellis or wooden support.

Tomatoes grow small, the mass of each does not exceed 30 grams. The shape of the fruit is ellipsoid, they are painted red. The taste of tomatoes is high, although it is believed that this is not characteristic of hybrids.

Small sweet tomatoes are tasty both fresh and canned.

"Little Brother"

These miniature bushes belong to the group of determinant standard plants. Tomatoes in height reach only 25-35 cm, do not need tying, they do not need to stepchild. This variety can be grown both in the greenhouse and in the garden. Perfectly the tomato "Brother" for disembarkation on a window sill or a balcony.

Fruits are sprinkled very quickly - already on the 65-70th day after planting the seeds of tomatoes in the ground. Ripe vegetables can be eaten at the end of June, if the planting scheme was followed.

In the greenhouse seedlings transferred in March or early April. If the land on the beds is warm enough, you can plant seedlings in open ground. Do it in late April, early May. Such planting is necessary to protect the film.

Tomatoes grow small, weighing up to 70 grams, they are colored red and have an excellent taste. These tomatoes are decorated with salads and other dishes, as well as they are consumed fresh.

"Kinder F1"

This hybrid tomato is spiced up in clusters, and the fruits are torn off with whole tassels. On the bushes at the same time sowing 12-18 tomatoes of small size and bright red color.

The plant belongs to the determinant, but the height of the bushes is quite high - about 120 cm. The bushes of tomatoes must be tied up and timely pinch. The mass of each tomato is about 20-30 grams, the fruits are sweet, very tasty. They are often used for home cooking, interesting blanks, decorating ready meals.


Tomatoes have an average ripening time, therefore not suitable for all regions. For example, in Siberia, with its short summer, this tomato simply does not have time to fully ripen. Fruiting begins only on the 110th day after the first shoots appear.

The plant is quite high - up to 130 cm. In a mature form, the tomatoes are colored red, have the shape of a pear, inside the fruit is divided by partitions into several chambers. The tastes of tomatoes are very high - they are eaten fresh, preserved in slices, allowed to produce juice or mashed potatoes.

"Blueberry Cream F1"

A very unusual variety, the main advantage of which is an exotic appearance. Plants tall, studded with clusters of small tomatoes. At the same time on one bush ripen clusters of both yellow tomatoes and dark purple.

Fruits have a mass of about 20 grams, have a delicate flavor and a pleasant aroma. These bushes will be the decoration of any garden or vegetable garden.

"Plum drop F1"

Each bush grows to 90-150 cm, with proper care for the season with such a plant you can remove about 500 fruits. The variety is very productive.

The fruits are extraordinarily beautiful - they have the shape of a pear, painted in bright orange and dark purple hue. In addition to external beauty, the variety has another advantage - tomatoes contain a large amount of useful vitamins, including carotene.

The average weight of each tomato is about 40 grams.

"Giganssimo F1"

The hybrid is considered early ripening, the first tomatoes can be eaten within 85 days after sowing seeds for seedlings. The plant is very tall, each bush can grow up to 180 cm.

The fruits themselves correspond to the name of the variety - these are huge tomatoes, the weight of which sometimes reaches 1.4 kg. They are painted red, have a round flattened shape.

The taste of tomatoes is excellent, they are very juicy and fleshy, with a sugary flesh and a strong aroma.

"Terek F1"

These mini tomatoes are created for growing in closed greenhouses and heated greenhouses. The mass of each fruit does not exceed 19 grams, they are bright red and very tasty, sweet.

The first harvest can be collected as early as 90 days after planting the seeds. High bushes need to be tied up, about 25 small fruits are spiced simultaneously in each bunch.

These tomatoes canned as a whole, pickled, eaten fresh. Like all hybrids, "Terek" is protected from many diseases.


To grow tomatoes you need in a film greenhouse, the bushes reach a great height. It is enough to deal with plants simply - in order to get a high yield, you need to stepon tomatoes and leave only one stem.

Tomatoes are quite large, their weight is about 280 grams. The color of the tomatoes is bright orange, the shape is slightly elongated. Fruits differ in gentle pulp, have a thin peel.

"Striped flight"

Small tomatoes, weighing about 30-40 grams, grow in clusters on medium-sized bushes. This variety is quite suitable for planting in film or permanent greenhouses, on open beds.

Each bunch consists of 20-30 fruits, which are held in their place firmly enough, not showered. Mature tomatoes get an interesting chocolate-burgundy shade, decorated with green stripes. The taste of tomatoes is unusual - sweet and sour.

It is possible to boil, preserve and pickle these tomatoes both in mature and in inadequate form.

"Creme brulee"

Tomato of medium height of the bush, which is intended for planting in greenhouses, under temporary film shelters. The fruits of this variety are white, rather large - about 200 grams. The shape of the tomato is a slightly oblate ball. Tastes good, the fruit has a slight acidity.

These tomatoes are well suited for making salads and fermentation in a barrel.

"Black Pearl"

Mid-season variety is often used to decorate the landscape. Pergolas, arbors, arches and fences adorn the tall sprawling bushes. Tomatoes grow in bunches, have the shape of a ball, painted in a pinkish-brown color.

These fruits are quite suitable for human consumption, their taste is very delicate. Grow a variety of "Black Pearl" can be both in the greenhouse and on the garden.

"Marina Grove"

On one square meter of land you need to plant 2.5 tomato bush of this variety. Indeterminate plant with a powerful stem. The variety is famous for its very high yield - from one meter you can get up to 17 kg of fresh tomatoes.

Fruits grow in clusters, in each of which 7-9 tomatoes ripen, while the average weight of tomatoes is about 160 grams. Fruits are round, red.

The variety is resistant to many viruses, low temperatures, and bad weather conditions. The plant can be grown in the greenhouse and on the garden.

Recommendations for novice gardeners

It is clear, when gardeners and summer residents with the experience buy new varieties of tomatoes for 2019. The experience of "experienced" allows you to choose the right soil for tomatoes, give them proper attention, protect them from diseases and other troubles.

But what about those who first took up the garden and want to try a new variety? Council for beginners gardeners one - read the information on the package with seeds, learn as much as possible about this variety, or at least about the category of tomatoes. For example, if a tomato is greenhouse, do not plant it on an open garden bed. Or neglect tying and stading of indeterminant varieties.

Then the harvest will be good, and the new tomato seeds will delight the site owner and his guests.